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Transparent PVC Strip Curtains Chennai

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Our Transparent PVC Strip Curtains and Industrial Screens are the Best Solution in Industrial Shop floors for Avoiding the Entry of Dust, Birds, Insects, Noise. Transparent Clear PVC Sheets and Screens are used for the following areas, Industrial Doors, Warehouse Loading and Unloading Areas, Soft wall Screens, Wash Bay areas, Industrial Dividers, Industrial Racks, Grinding areas, Bird Control Screens.

Our Company Encaged as a Supplier, Manufacturer, Traders and Importers of Transparent PVC Strip Curtains, PVC Sheets, Industrial canopies, PVC Strip Curtains Rolls in Chennai, India. Our Company will provide the Installation Service and PVC Strip Curtains Fixing Hardware’s for various types PVC Strip Curtains Products for Clients Requirement Basics.

Transparent PVC Strip Curtains Sizes :

200mm*2mm*50meter, 200mm*3mm*50meter, 300mm*2mm*50meter, 300mm*3mm*50meter

Transparent PVC Sheets Sizes :

1400mm*0.5mm*50meter, 1400mm*1mm*50meter, 1400mm*2mm*10 meter, 1400mm*3mm*10meter